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Mai Shiranui oozes Sexy-Awesome.
Sexy-Awesome describes something that is both sexy and awesome, all in one convenient package, with the savings passed on to you. Origins point to the Almighty Comic, where it was first used in this filler comic. The phrase later popped up in Q&A 3. The second use of "Sexy-Awesome" led to widespread use of the phrase.

Sometimes, things that are just sexy or just awesome are described as "Sexy-Awesome". This is a misnomer and should be avoided at all costs. The example on the right shows someone truly Sexy-Awesome. She is Mai Shiranui, kunoichi warrior who you don't want to mess with for any reason. The sexy is obvious enough, and the awesome comes from the fans of death and the fire kicks and the super deadly ninja bees.

Other things that could be considered Sexy-Awesome:

  • A glomp from a hottie.
  • A sweaty TF pillow fight.
  • Lesbians.
  • Bikini contests.
  • Haruhara Haruko.
  • Naked Fridays.
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